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Bird of Paradise — a royal beauty

December 5, 2014 The Christmas holiday season has arrived. more »»

Evaluating Lowell Nesbitt’s ‘Iris on Gold’

December 5, 2014 Has the owner of this week’s chosen object found Rubbish or Riches? Read on as I assess a painting on paper by American Pop Realist master Lowell Nesbitt (b. 1933 - d. 1993) from a private collection. more »»

Ways co-owners can hold title to property

December 5, 2014 Question: My friend from high school and I are planning to purchase a vacant lot in Cape Coral, and we are wondering how to hold title. more »»

Investing in tax certificates, tax deeds

November 28, 2014 Question: I am seeking an investment that will bring a set rate of return and minimize risk. I have heard about tax certificates and tax deeds. more »»

Warhol’s ‘Electric Chair 83’

November 28, 2014 Has the owner of this week’s chosen object found Rubbish or Riches? Read on as I assess a graphic on paper by American Pop master, Andy Warhol (b. 1928 - d. 1987) from a private collection. more »»

Doing roselle or false roselle

November 28, 2014 Did you have your fill of turkey and side dishes, that is the question. more »»

Can I buy the ‘hammerhead’ in front of my house?

November 21, 2014 Question: I live at the end of a cul-de-sac in the Yacht Club area, and I have a question about the extra piece of road that juts out in either direction from the circle. more »»

Season to be jolly at the Cape Coral Library

November 21, 2014 December at the Cape Coral Library begins with the artistic strokes of cartoonist Doug MacGregor, whose workshop unveils methods for creating and personalizing holiday and greeting cards. more »»

Florida’s cold snap season

November 21, 2014 Yes, it happens. The bad news, it's really, really cold. The good news, it does not last. My outside temperature Wednesday morning was 44 degrees at 7:20 a.m. and 48 degrees at 8:20 a.m. more »»

Several questions about a tax bill

November 14, 2014 Question: I am in the process of moving to Cape Coral into a house I have been renting out for a year. I just got my tax bill, and I have a lot of questions. more »»

Permaculture: Common sense gardening

November 14, 2014 By JOYCE COMINGORE news@breezenewspapers. more »»

Rubbish or Riches: ‘Happy Birthday’ Kline proves to be a valuable present, indeed

November 11, 2014 Has the owner of this week’s chosen object found Rubbish or Riches? Read on as I assess a painting on paper by American master Franz Kline (b. 1910 - d. more »»

Not missing a beet

November 9, 2014 And the beet goes on — pardon my Sonny and Cher pun. The root (another pun) of my gardening experiences go back to the days I followed my father around our garden. more »»

Beware of scams

November 9, 2014 Question: My attorney recently prepared a “Life Estate Deed” to my house to my son, which allows my son to receive my house without going through probate after I die. more »»

Fall back in time this Sunday morning

October 31, 2014  Daylight Savings Time ends in the U.S. and Canada, Sunday at 2 a.m. The easiest way to remember which way to turn the clock, in November, we "fall back. more »»

Should a buyer be concerned with the FIRPTA?

October 31, 2014 QUESTION:  I have a contract to purchase a house in Cape Coral. The house is owned by German citizens as an investment. more »»

November is book sale month at the Cape Library

October 24, 2014 Books galore at prices anyone can afford will be on display when the Friends of the Cape Coral Library hold their Fall/Winter Book Sale. The popular event takes place Thursday, Nov. 20 (3–5:30 p.m. more »»

It’s frightfully hot and humid nowadays

October 24, 2014 Is it just me or is this fall a bit too hot and humid. I know everyone is now noticing things are becoming frightful around the city. more »»

Trophic cascade

October 17, 2014 From George Gordon’s (Lord Byron) poem — "The Dark, Blue Sea" "There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep... more »»

October declared Farm to School month

October 10, 2014 By JOYCE COMINGORE news@breezenewspapers. more »»



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