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A rainbow of color in, and around your home

January 17, 2014 Yes, a rainbow of color, no rain in sight. That would be in a grocery store flower/plant area. more »»

New regulations for homeowners’ association board members

January 10, 2014 QUESTION: I serve on the board of directors of our homeowners’ association. I have just heard that I need to sign some documents or attend a class in order for me to continue to serve. more »»

It’s all about rotation, rotation, rotation

January 10, 2014 In real estate, the three most important words are location, location, location. Right now in the Trafalgar Garden, we are completing many crops, pulling them up and it’s time to replant. more »»

Withholding rent payment not a good idea

January 3, 2014 QUESTION: My sister lives in a rented house and her landlord doesn’t keep up with the repairs. One of her light fixtures has been broken for months and the toilet leak. more »»

Bugs — the good, the bad and the ugly

January 3, 2014 It had to happen. After successful harvesting of the crops we are raising at Trafalgar Middle School garden, you wonder when the bugs will settle in and take over. more »»

New year brings new programs at Cape Library

December 27, 2013 The New Year begins with a bang at the Cape Coral Library. Book Bingo is a favorite for families as their kids (from tykes to tweens) fill their book titled cards with chips to reap the rewards. more »»

Blessings and resolutions for the new year

December 27, 2013 Counting our blessings this particular season, family, friends and health, we can add good weather. more »»

Rules on purchasing a condo in ‘Over 55’ community

December 27, 2013 QUESTION: My daughter would like to buy my husband and I a condo for our retirement but the place we found is in an “Over 55” community. more »»

Does alteration fall within scope of work?

December 20, 2013 QUESTION: The remodeling of our kitchen is half done. My wife just announced that she really wants a bar sink in the island so that we can use it from our family room. more »»

Poinsettias and tulips: Christmas season plants?

December 20, 2013 The lovely traditional poinsettia plant is well known and loved by many of us. Its history and special Christmas legends are remembered every year. more »»

Dealing with digital assets in estate planning

December 13, 2013 QUESTION: I have been helping my mother plan her estate. I think we understand the differences between real property like her house and personal property like her jewelry. more »»

Enjoying special Gardens of Five Senses

December 13, 2013 By JOYCE COMINGORE In the fall of 2004, my daughter who now teaches at Trafalgar Middle School, was teaching at Cypress Lake Middle School. more »»

Successful book sale ensures new programs, future upgrades for Cape Library

November 29, 2013 Readers and book-lovers stood in line in the hallway of the Cape Coral Library for opening day of the Winter Book Sale. more »»

It’s that time of the year — smile!

November 29, 2013 Yes, folks, it is that traditional celebration time of the year, so practice smiling as we continue on through the holiday season for the next 4 1/2 weeks  We started with a cool Hanukkah, then a... more »»

A written job description might help the situation

November 29, 2013 QUESTION: I am an administrative assistant working in a real estate office. I love the job but my supervisor doesn’t like me and is sometimes overly critical of my work. more »»

Condo owner is responsible for repairing damage

November 15, 2013 QUESTION: I wish I’d known more about a condo owner’s responsibilities to repair damages before the bathtub in the unit above mine leaked into my unit. The damage was significant. more »»

It’s time to pick a peck of pickled peppers

November 15, 2013 By JOYCE COMINGORE “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picke. more »»

Taking care of the contingencies in a home purchase

November 8, 2013 QUESTION: My husband and I are about to purchase our first home in Florida. We’ve been through this process before many years ago in a northern state but things are different here. more »»

Strawberry hills at Trafalgar Middle School

November 8, 2013 By JOYCE COMINGORE The garden at Trafalgar Middle School on Southwest 20th Avenue is doing very well. They have harvested a zucchini, pickling cucumbers and lots of radishes. more »»

Heads-up! Things fall during fall

November 1, 2013 It is the nature of things. The big beautiful, spreading frangipani tree now has its leaves falling all over. They look pretty ugly lying there but that is what happens, in the fal. more »»



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