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In search of a patch of calabaza pumpkin/squash

October 18, 2013 It’s time for Linus to start seeking the most sincere Pumpkin Patch. It all started in the 1959 comic strip of Peanuts and debuted on television in 1966. more »»

Loan managed by mortgage servicer

October 18, 2013 QUESTION: My sister just closed on a condo. During the closing she received a document about mortgage servicing that indicated her lender usually transferred its loans to another entity to manage. more »»

Deposits when leasing commercial property

October 11, 2013 QUESTION: I thought I understood real estate but now that I am about to lease a commercial property, I’m confused. more »»

Do you remember ‘Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater?’

October 11, 2013 By JOYCE COMINGORE Pumpkins are a thing that inspires a child’s mind. more »»

Can association sue homeowner for xeriscaping?

September 27, 2013 QUESTION: We live in Florida where water is in short supply but almost half of residential water consumption is used on landscaping. more »»

Thanks to Lee County Commission, library programs continue — even after dark

September 27, 2013 Nothing scares our library personnel and the Friends of Libraries more than the dreaded governmental cuts to library funding — a recurring ordeal — and this year’s recommendation to reduce staff,... more »»

Rain ... rain ... and even more rain!

September 27, 2013 I am sure everyone’s rain barrel is spilling over right now. In fact, it seems like the whole world is spilling over in Southwest Florida. more »»

There are exceptions to Homestead protection

September 20, 2013 QUESTION: We are new to Florida and have recently heard about Florida Homestead rules. I understand that homes are not able to be forced into a sale in a bankruptcy. more »»

Butterfly, flutter by

September 20, 2013 Just outside my living room sliding glass doors is my patio and garden area where I see several clusters of dainty brilliant yellow flowers sparkling and flirting with me. more »»

Explaining a community association manager’s duties

September 13, 2013 QUESTION: Our condo association uses an association management company to help us maintain our property and manage the business of the associatio. more »»

Recalibrating the Extension

September 13, 2013 Right now, I’m too befuddled by the recent proposed changes to the Lee Coutnty Extension, to think. I went to the County Commissioner’s budget hearing last Wednesday, Sept. 4, and spoke. more »»

Resident has right to have landscaping question answered

September 6, 2013 QUESTION: I live in a condominium and my neighbors and I are very concerned about the quality and appearance of our landscaping. Plants are dead or dying. The lawn is weedy and has bare spot. more »»

Wild poinsettia —?one beautiful native weed

September 6, 2013 By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS I suppose every gardener has his or her favorite weed. Think about it. more »»

What you need to know about leasing commercial space

August 30, 2013 QUESTION: It looks like the economy is really improving. My husband and I think it would be a great time to rent one of the vacant commercial locations locally and open a busines. more »»

Xeriscaping your property with succulents

August 30, 2013 By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS Low maintenance plants that need little water and lots of light are the perfect type of plant for gardening in our southwest climate. more »»

Trouper, the raccoon, first September program at Cape Library

August 30, 2013 By PATTY?DUNCAN Special to The Breeze “What a little trouper you are,” Dot Lee told the severely injured raccoon who finally yawned after days in a near-comatose state. more »»

Law does require proper covers on pool drains

August 23, 2013 QUESTION: I have lived in my condo for decades and it seems that the board is constantly finding new ways to spend our money. Now they’ve decided that the pool drains need new covers. more »»

Preparing stewards of the land

August 23, 2013 School has started and Trafalgar Middle School's Builder’s Club had decided to put in a garden. Long before school opening, planning has been going on to prepare for this. more »»

Can a condo association’s reserve funds be invested?

August 16, 2013 QUESTION: I’m on our condo board and the question about how to deal with the diminishing value of our reserve funds has come up. more »»

Go nuts ... peanuts that is

August 16, 2013 As I drive down Veterans Parkway, I see planted on the hillsides little yellow flowers winking away. I know that this is where that great groundcover, perennial peanut, prevails. more »»



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