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What you need to know about leasing commercial space

August 30, 2013 QUESTION: It looks like the economy is really improving. My husband and I think it would be a great time to rent one of the vacant commercial locations locally and open a busines. more »»

Xeriscaping your property with succulents

August 30, 2013 By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS Low maintenance plants that need little water and lots of light are the perfect type of plant for gardening in our southwest climate. more »»

Trouper, the raccoon, first September program at Cape Library

August 30, 2013 By PATTY?DUNCAN Special to The Breeze “What a little trouper you are,” Dot Lee told the severely injured raccoon who finally yawned after days in a near-comatose state. more »»

Law does require proper covers on pool drains

August 23, 2013 QUESTION: I have lived in my condo for decades and it seems that the board is constantly finding new ways to spend our money. Now they’ve decided that the pool drains need new covers. more »»

Preparing stewards of the land

August 23, 2013 School has started and Trafalgar Middle School's Builder’s Club had decided to put in a garden. Long before school opening, planning has been going on to prepare for this. more »»

Can a condo association’s reserve funds be invested?

August 16, 2013 QUESTION: I’m on our condo board and the question about how to deal with the diminishing value of our reserve funds has come up. more »»

Go nuts ... peanuts that is

August 16, 2013 As I drive down Veterans Parkway, I see planted on the hillsides little yellow flowers winking away. I know that this is where that great groundcover, perennial peanut, prevails. more »»

Regulations about condo association minutes

August 9, 2013 QUESTION: I made an appointment to see the minutes of my condo association’s board meeting that I was not able to attend and that resulted in some changes that I’m not happy about. more »»

Mickey Mouse taro is a special plant

August 9, 2013 A leaky air condition spout on a Saturday afternoon resulted in an unexpected gardening clean-up that was both a chore and a joy. more »»

Does condo association need permission to publish a member directory?

August 2, 2013 QUESTION: We have been without a membership directory for our condo community for several years. It’s really sad because newer people don’t hear about the smaller social events we have. more »»

All in the family for wax and rose mallow

August 2, 2013   The striking large swamp hibiscus and turk’s cap are both in the Malvaceae family. They both produce bright red blooms, are native, and love to have wet feet. They are both hardy perennial plants. more »»

Does small condo association need to hire a CAM?

July 26, 2013 QUESTION: I’m new to the board of our little condo association. more »»

August is hot, muggy

July 26, 2013 Hot, hot, hot-muggy, muggy, muggy are the words for Southwest Florida in August. It is one of our hottest, and holds the ever present beginning of our big hurricanes. more »»

As school lurks, library rewards students who plug in

July 26, 2013 As the July “End of Summer” Party signaled a too-soon return to school, the Cape Coral Library is reminding kids to continue to plug in to their library for help with homework. more »»

Condo associations should have insurance

July 12, 2013 QUESTION: We live in a condo. I watched in horror yesterday as one of the landscaper’s trucks almost ran into our neighbor’s car. My husband is on our condo board. more »»

Lush, perennial hosta plant will grow here

July 12, 2013   The perennial hosta plant will thrive here. The lush perennial hosta plant was always a favorite of mine while living in Southern New Jersey. more »»

What is seller financing and ‘holding the paper?’

July 3, 2013 Question: I’ve been trying to sell my house for a year. Every potential buyer has been hung up in today’s mortgage challenge. more »»

A beautiful non-native

July 3, 2013 A beautiful day lily mound of long slender green foliage is an excellent addition to any border or garden, formal or casual. more »»

What can neighbor do to prevent being ‘put out on the street?’

June 28, 2013 Question: My neighbor, who is 81 years old, took out a reverse mortgage a couple of years ago. She is mentally sharp but doesn't have experience with issues of personal finance. more »»

Liriope — no matter how you pronounce it

June 28, 2013 There is a song named, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” You say potato and I say poh-tah-to, you say tomato, and I say tow-maw-to, talking about the different ways to pronounce words. more »»



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