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Last dying wish

August 28, 2015 To the editor: To some, this may not be important, but to many it is very disturbing and heartbreaking for many of the residents on and near Sands Boulevard, especially for my father, Chuck Liptak... more »»

Transparency is in the eye of the beholder

August 28, 2015 To the editor: The Aug. 21 Breeze carried a polemic over the signature of City Manager John Szerlag. more »»

Vote for someone who actually knows

August 28, 2015 To the editor: Donald Trump calls Obamacare a disaster because rates are increasing 40 to 50 percent. Apparently he doesn’t know why. more »»

U.S. behind the curve on Cuba

August 28, 2015 To the editor: Well, if you are waiting for Congress to lift the embargo or waiting to travel to Cuba, it seems you will have to wait. Congress will not lift the embargo fully. more »»

Tournament provided some perspective

August 28, 2015 To the editor: On Saturday, July 1, I had the pleasure of attending the Blind Miniature Golf Tournament, which was originally an idea put together by Mike Ulrich. more »»

Kudos to tournament organizer, volunteers

August 28, 2015 To the editor: Not so long ago some members from the Leo’s club and I had the chance to experience what it felt like to be blind. more »»

Guest opinion: Breeze editorial lacking in facts; everything we do is transparent

August 21, 2015 After reading The Breeze editorial “Council Must Take Control of Wage Goal,” I was concerned about the inaccurate information in the colum. more »»

Council members who will address tax levies needed

August 21, 2015 To the editor: Early voting will soon begin. more »»

Imagination – Paranoia – You tell me

August 21, 2015 To the editor: Do Conservatives hate these low gasoline prices? What happened to drill baby drill? What about the XL Pipeline, even more oil on the world market? Could their opposition to the Iran... more »»

Comparing Hillary to Nixon

August 21, 2015 To the editor: Just this title alone will make a number of people on both sides upset and furious. more »»

Hypocrisy places goodness in doubt

August 21, 2015 To the editor: Armies of people march and say “Black Lives Matter.”. And other groups are even more forceful when they opine “All Lives matter. more »»

Over compensation the new normal?

August 14, 2015 To the editor: In both a separate article and in the City Council candidate question of the week the Aug. more »»

Property taxes vs assessments

August 14, 2015 To the editor: I doubt we’d find anyone who likes to pay property taxes, but there is a reason that cities use taxes on property to pay for necessary infrastructure such as roads, public safety, etc. more »»

Marilyn Stout for city council

August 14, 2015 To the editor: Marilyn Stout has earned our vote. If experience counts. And, if complete knowledge of Cape Coral counts. And, if a record of leadership roles across Lee County counts. more »»

Time to put the past behind us

August 14, 2015 To the editor: Robert E. Lee, Southern gentleman, supporter of slavery, racist traitor, war criminal, murderer, county named in his honor, portrait in county chambers. more »»

And they criticize Obamacare

August 14, 2015 To the editor: During the Bush administration many retirees lost their lifelong prescription plans which were part of retirement packages. more »»

One tyranny for another

August 14, 2015 To the editor: What is the difference between our political system (Republic) and a Democracy (in the formal, not the street, meaning of that term). more »»

Noted conservationalist memory should be honored

August 7, 2015 To the editor; It’s with great sadness that Roger Clark has passed away rather prematurely. Roger was one of the great conservationists in Lee County. more »»

Mayoral travel pays off — Where?

August 7, 2015 To the editor: Here we go with another explanation on why Mayoral Travel will benefit Cape Coral and its citizens. more »»

Curiouser and curiouser

August 7, 2015 To the editor: I think that we have to face up to the apparent fact that extra-terrestrial aliens have landed and taken root in Cape Coral. more »»



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