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Follies Bi Partisanship

February 16, 2010 - Ben Feldman
Obama ran on a theme, one among his countless others, that he would strive for a bi partisan congress. He gave the impression, and that is all he can do, that he was above the political chicanery of miscreant political knaves. His nose in the air, his frowning corners at his mouth, his right hand pointing in the air at the beat of his oratorical cadence in full operatic like drama, he declared that he would bring hope and change. To the untutored ear regarding human nature's success in change, his message was as refreshing as a baby's pink cheeks. It was all innocence and naivety writ large. Obama also promised transparency. That we got. The first ever, that I know of Treasury Secretary that cheated on his taxes. And the US Congressman, Charles Rangell, head of the House tax writing committee hasn't paid his taxes. He is still being investigated and still head of the House committee. He is obviously too big too fail. Ben Nelson of Nebraska got a special deal for his state at the taxpayers expense. And the Unions cut a special exclusion from taxes for themselves. It appears corruption and nefarious dealings are easier to come by than hope and change. So what about his bipartisan ideal? What happened to the new way, the new order of things? It is still there but this Harvard graduate can't figure out what to do or he would have done it. His problem with bi partisanship is that he thinks it means everyone sits down and concocts a resolution empty of a philosophy that runs counter to the greater good. The only aggreement politicians can make is that that their goals may be consistent but their methods of reaching that goal make all the difference about success. It the methods people differ on not their goals which may be consistent. The devil is in the method.


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