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Fiscal Madness

January 14, 2010 - Ben Feldman
I have been, for a long time now, reflecting on the state of our debate on the Health insurance reform Bill in Congress. I know I am reflecting on something that has not been revealed to us except by inuendo. My reflections take in the historical background as well as the contemporary view of hospitals and medicine and Doctors. The study of medicine through the ages is a daunting portal of man's evolution in mind, body and spiritual change. Nothing reveals man's intellectual maturation or lack of maturation, than a look at the holy grail of this soft science. One thing is evident when studying the evolution of man and his relation to medicine, there are enumerable facets, that make up an economic system or subsystem. It is all a huge spontaneous energy of force with many unknown factors. That is to say, there are many moving parts seen and unseen. which make up a market of economic decisions arriving by a combustion of human needs, desires,compulsions. No one person, group or bureaucracy can predict, control and smoothly resolve what humans engage in everyday. A medical market is one such engagement of human economic interplay beyond the reach of mortal man to plan and print up on a word processor to follow. It can not be done in any rational way. But it is attempted by collectivist governments (socialists) to a great celebrated failure. I say celebrated because there are many examples of failure in Europe. Such meglomaniacal enterprises impoverish a people. Unfortunately, something in man is misfiring intellectually, in his evolutionary development, and he seems to love failure, believing it successful though he may be broke, and hideously aggrieved. We tend to celebrate lunacy, irrationality and just plain absurd theater which America, through its politicians, are about to embark. This brings me to the point of this polemic. Here we are , a country great in business enterprise for so many people, a colossal of economic activity being led by a congress full of economic illiterates, schooled in law and not business,ignorant also of health insurance underwriting and finance, plus the purpose of a profit mechanism in business, and further led by a President who drinks from the waters of socialist mythology, who knows about as much economic science to fill a sewing thimble. Plus, a congress with a record of losing money, wasting money, printing money with a history of exceeding an unlimited budget, now about to devise and plan the impossible, a government health care system. That is madness. If you are comfortable with this arrangement you will soon have what you wish for and with the possibilty that the future is a return to a medical capacity equal to the middle ages also known as the dark ages.


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