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The Shoulder Turn

January 8, 2010 - Steve Anderson
As in every other sport, turning your shoulders during your backswing is you #1 crucial source of power. Think how an infielder rears back to throw the ball or how a tennis pro turns back before turning through to hit the ball. Since your shoulders (torso, chest, etc) are much bigger than your arms you must get them involved in your golf swing to get any power.

The number most golfers should strive for is a 90 degree turn of their shoulders. Tour pros may turn 110-120 degrees but 90 is all you need. You also need to get your lead shoulders (left shoulder for righties) 3-4 inches behind the ball. A right handed player could think to turn their left shoulders almost over their right knee. This will not only turn the shoulders but will get them behind the ball.

From this coiled, powerful position you upper body will then unwind through the downswing pulling your arms and club through. Your legs must do their job (which will be covered in another tip) but if there's one key to extra power it's that shoulders turn. You don't need to be big or strong to hit a golf ball far but having some flexibility will aid in your ability to have a big turn.


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