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Professor Obama and Jobs

December 4, 2009 - Ben Feldman
Well here we go again, another round of small meetings held at the White House led by the Professor with business CEO's and an assortment of intellectual business types to help the government untangle the tangled debacle of an economy run by gross mismanagers-politicians. The result is a photo op that shows our President extolling the private sector which he would be the least qualified to explain in either micro economic or macro economic terms. But there they are, business people telling the government what they ought to do to get the jobs back that have vacated the economic landscape for heaven knows what consequence, though painful to be sure, in our great crippled man made, Federal Reserve made, White House inspired, melting economy. The government wants ideas, says the Professor. That is rich. The government has ideas already. All perfectly capable of malfeacence, mismanagement and nonsense. The government doesn't want ideas. It wants a scapegoat for the hairbrained, tried and failed, statist delusional machinations being concocted. Once the jobs fail to emerge, sadly to say, the government will say it tried the ideas of the business community and even they can not reverse our Bush caused meltdown. In fact, I can see it now. The White House will say that the Bush years were so bad, corrupt, venal, irresponsible and self interested that the economy failed. Also, the government will propose the idea that health care costs have grown due to the fact people drive too much, therefore live sedentary lives and watch television obsessively. So with the business community fingered as the ogre in the job market, government can skip by like a child skipping and whistling a merry tune oblivious of its nuisance factor, which is a havoc, to profits, jobs and frankly, our standard of living. So what is the result? What is in it for us, the taxpaying, stressed out, worried sick, overanxious debtors to the world? Learn who you are voting for. Obama was never a moderate politician. He said so when he declared he would fundamentally change America. Fundamentally change? The fundamentals needed no changing. Only the constriction of corrupt incmpetent polticians and a government on a diet of reality would fix things. And that you can bet on. But such change is unlikely. Man is well, man. Politicians are well, politicians.


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Mar-15-16 7:11 PM

The thought "patterns" of those who do not or can not paragraph their writings are obviously muddled, chaotic and of little value.


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