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The Wall

October 7, 2009 - Steve Anderson
One of the most overlooked aspects of the golf swing is the role your legs should play during the backswing. A lot of instruction keys on the leg drive during the downswing, which is important, but first, the role your legs play on the backswing must be understood.

What should your legs do on the backswing? The answer is not much. Your legs are the base of your swing, much like the foundation of a building, and they must stay solid and stable as you swing back. I call this part of the swing The Wall, as your legs should be like two solid walls that create your foundation. Your legs want to be flexed and lively feeling but the shouldn't move too much or sway back at all. A baseball player or tennis pro turns their upper body and swings their arms back but they first plant their legs. It would be next to impossible to move forward to throw a ball or swing a golf club if you were falling over backwards first. In most sports this is called your 'plant' leg. You plant your real leg as you move back then drive off this leg as you go forward.

Many amateur players lose their foundation, sway back or ove turn their lower body during their backswing then find if difficult to have a powerful, balanced drive forward through the ball. Keep your legs pretty passive as you swing back and they'll have more power as you move forward into your impact position.


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