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Don't Keep your Head Down

September 7, 2009 - Steve Anderson
The first piece of advice that most father's give their sons or husbands give their wives on the golf course is, "keep your head down." Well, I'm here to tell you to. "keep your head up!"

If your head is hanging down during your backswing it will be difficult to turn your shoulders behind the ball since your head will be in the way. If it's hanging down too much at your address position it may pull your weight forward toward your toes too much and you'll lose your balance. The more proper expression should be, "keep your eye on the ball."

You should position your chin so you feel like it is up on a ledge or platform. This way your shoulders can turn under your head during your backswing, allowing your lead shoulders to get behind the ball. It should feel like you're looking down your cheeks during your set-up. For golfers with glasses it may be harder to do since the bottom rim of the frame may get in your vision but try to keep it up there nice and tall.

What happens to many golfers when they top the ball is that they start with their head hanging down in the way, too low, then at some point in their swing they pull it up slightly which causes their whole body to lift slightly.

Jack Nicklaus used to say "swing around a steady head" and he couldn't be more right.


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