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Slowing Down your Backswing

August 18, 2009 - Steve Anderson
Without a doubt, most golfers swing the club too fast during their stroke. They figure if they swing faster they'll hit the ball farther. While this may sound logical, just the opposite it true.

If you swing too fast you'll only be using your arms. Your arms are little and light and can move quickly, but if you do this you won't be using your body at all. Your body is big and heavy so you want to get it involved in your swing. Your chest and shoulders need to turn during your backswing and your legs and lower body need to drive forward on your downswing. If you swing too fast you won't give your body time to do so. Your arms will swing up and down and your body will just sort of stand there since you didn't give it the chance to get involved.

A fast swing usually begins right at the point the golfers starts their backswing so here's a drill you can work on to get your backswing to be a bit smoother and slower.

Place a roll of paper towels down behind your club (lengthwise) and as you start your backswing try to push the roll of towels back. Since the towels are a bit of a weight there's no way you can swing your club back too fast. You'll find you have to push your club back low and slow which will lead to a better swing, bigger arc and a slower tempo. Jack Nicklaus has said many times that if he wants to hit his driver a bit farther than normal that he takes the club back extra low and extra slow. By doing this you'll be giving your shoulders, chest and body time to turn and get involved in your swing and that's where the extra power will come from.


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