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Chipping with different clubs

July 15, 2009 - Steve Anderson
When you're faced with a chip shot (2-10 yards off the green) you want to follow the plan that most tour pros choose.

Many amateurs choose to use one club, usually their pitching wedge then vary their swing to hit to different hole locations. This method is not what you want as it forces you to have several different swings to hit the ball to a close hole, medium distance hole or one that is far across the green. The chances of you figuring out exactly the swing and touch required will be difficult.

What most pro do makes a lot more sense and my own students always like this simple method.

Use you 5-7-9 and SW. You want the sandwedge instead of the PW as it has bounce and will reduce your fat shots.

Pick a spot about 2 yards onto the green and this will be your landing zone. All your chips with all these clubs will land here. If you are going for a hole that's close to you you'll use your sandwedge. With the loft of the SW the ball will stop quick and have a lot of backspin.

If you have a hole that's a bit farther away, say 30 feet, then pick you 9-iron. You'll hit the same landing zone with the same swing but the ball will roll farther since you've used the 9.

Take your 7 iron for a shot that's 3/4 of the way across the green then your 5-iron for a super long chip all the way across the green.

This method lets you take the same swing every time and land the ball in the same spot every time. Your consistency will improve dramatically. The different lofts of the different clubs will take care of how much roll you need.

If you think about it this is the same thing you try to do with your full swing. You swing the same every time but change clubs to hit the ball different distances. Makes sense huh.


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