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Address with the Train Tracks

September 24, 2010 - Steve Anderson

Without a doubt the number one thing I see students do poorly on the driving range and golf course is aim.  90% of right handed golfers aim 20 yards off to the right of their target and lefties tend to aim way left.  Of course there will be no way to consistently hit your ball at your intended target if you start out aiming so far off line.  Why this occurs so often is the dominant eye theory.  Every human being has one eye that is 'stronger' than the other.  Most right handers are right eyed and lefties are left eyed.  Because of this your brain registers what you think as straight incorrectly and you bad aims occurs.

The way to work on this on the range is to lay a club down on the ground across you toes much like a train track.  You want this club to point 'parallel' to your target line and not right at it.  Think of it this way.  The line your ball will fly on should point right at the target.  This could be the outside train track.  The inside train track or one that you stand on should be parallel to this first one, just like train tracks.  For a right hander then the club laying at your feet is actually pointing a few yards to the left of the target and for lefties, off to the right a bit.  Again, you don't stand on the target line you stand off to the side of it parallel.

If you hit hundreds or thousands of balls on the range with this alignment club at your feet you'll start getting used to what the proper alignment should feel like and be on your way to a better game.


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