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Persistence of The Irrational

July 26, 2010 - Ben Feldman

If there is any thing about human nature that we can consider perverse, it is man's desire to do what is irrational and call it progress or moving forward out of the dark ages. Listen to our Liberal  politicians from Anthony Weiner to Al Franken to Obama.  They are all incredibly overwrought with ideology that is historically proven to be insidious, wrong headed, unworkable, economic folly, lethal to material well being, and laughably called sophisticated.  Paul Krugman, the liberal economist, belongs on the stage of the Geithner Follies. He is for more spending. Really?!!!! And Geithner, who couldn't figure out the tax system to pay his back taxes, is advising us that closing the tax loopholes on the rich is showing the world how responsible we are as a country.  Really?!!!!! Doesn't the world see how we spend and spend like wild abandoned adolescents on Spring Break?  And that we believe this is the right way to address debt.  Perhaps a show of spending restraint would be  more convincing.  Oh, that is too normal, rational and of course, responsible.  And it is something done in the earlier centuries of our historical life, we are far more advanced.   Really?


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Dec-17-15 1:18 PM

This blog is excellent testimony to its thesis !


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