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How Did All This Happen?

May 28, 2010 - Ben Feldman

      This writer has been taking a hiatus and doing what he loves to do best, grab a bag of books and read.  Of course, it is not profitable so in addition to reading I have to work and make a living.  Eek out a living, that is.  But while on my sabbatical I was asked some questions by friends who,  unlike those voters that were giddy at the sight of Obama, had no illusions of the man and his ideas.  One question, can the Health  Care  robbery be repealed?  I am no lawyer but I do see this as a momentus struggle, similiar to the arguments  in the 19th century about Secession. First, watch Virginia's suit against the Leviathin (Federal Government) which is fascinating and aiming at the solar plexus of the argument that the Civil War  never stopped by the North's victory.  That argument was  whether the states are sovereign and can secede. Virginia is suing that the Feds can not mandate to the State an obligation inspired by the Feds. The Virginians, those true sons of independence, call their state   the Sovereign state of Virginia.  Oh indeed is it sovereign as are  all the states. That suit is sure to inspire Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Alito into some rich intellectual arguments long thought dead.  The Liberals on the bench are sure to be eager to come up with arguments that are most foul, strange and unnatural.

     What about the Sestak deal? Oh this is rich indeed.  Watching Obama and company aspirate over this one is comical.  Be sure to watch  the lawyers devise lies that sound so pure and true.  The malefactors of malice,  who haven't seen a moment  without drinking from the cup of folly are acting so guilty, as Ann Coulter the Goddess of clear thinking in an age of ninnyhood opines, they lead anyone to believe thay are up to no good.   This is the political version of the Keystone Cops and their  chief  of hubis unbridled.  Obama stinks on this one.

     The Oil spill.  Metaphorically it is a possible foreshadowing of the American financial system breaking a leak.  Or, it is also a metaphor of the Feds running the Health Care system into a medieval enterprse. Or, if the government is impotent in this case and just plain incompetent what pray tell will surgery look like in the future?  Adieu


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Jul-04-16 6:34 AM

Arf !


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