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Why Obama is Failing

March 12, 2010 - Ben Feldman

     Barack Obama, last year at this time, was the Messiah for hope and change.Well,  what has  all that elevated promise delivered to you, the voter? Frankly, not much and in fact, he is stirring up the kind of trouble Franklin Roosevelt, a quintessential manipulator and scoundrel,  ignited when he was President.  Actually, both men are alike. Neither was an accomplished politician before assuming the Presidency. And both knew nothing about economics. Nothing. Yet both assumed to know and understand and teach the public how they were going to fix things. Yes, we are in a fix from our inept President. While thousands seek work, he seeks  health care reform.  This is called disengagement from the people and massive engagement in what I want because I am President and I know this is good for you.  Well, its hope and change.

     Obama is called a narcissiist. That is not surprising since most of these politicians are narcissists.  But Obama is more than a narcissist, savoring his self absorbed  fantasies.  He is a man with early childhood  loss from his biological father who  abandoned him.  His mother was not too stable and his grandparents were the only anchor in his life.  Astonishingly he rose to the Presidency with such psychological damage.  This lit  the fire in him.  He wanted something from this and it was significance. We all want recognition and praise but in Obama it appears he wants to be seen as a great American leader like FDR.  The evidence?  Look at health care.  Most Americans say no to his designs. No means no.  That is a slap in his face. We are refusing to give him a way to achieve immortality like FDR or Lincoln, another false mythic character. We Americans are in trouble amking a living.  So, what does he do?  He focuses on health care. Our needs are irrelevant to his needs.  So much for hope and change.

     Why has Obama failed at effective leadership?   He has a moral imperative. That imperative is wrapped up in his superstitious views of America and Capitalism and influences his self righteous attitude.  In his campaign speeches Obama often talks about the moral thing to do to help the victims of life's insufferable inequity and tragedy .  He clearly feels the victims need help from the government.  He identifies with them as a political icon but it is hard to say he is sincere.  It is most likely a theater prop to appear on the moral high side despite the methods which always are the crux of the disputes. Obama's failure at leadership is also  because Obama wants to be  known as a creator of something big in society.  Health care is his target because he demonizes the insurance companies, villifying them.  If he destroys the health insurance enterprise, which he has to do  to get government to more substantially swallow health care up, he will create a monument to himself. Why? Because he is a narcissist? No, that is too facile an explanation.  It is deeper. Obama fears oblivion.  That is his fear, the possibility  he will be oblivious, abandoned  by people, unloved and forgotten. Fear of oblivion is at the heart of  fame.  That is why he speaks everywhere, he is addicted to the celebrated self running from insignifcance. It is his driving obsession and a flaw in  the man and leader.




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Aug-07-16 7:06 PM

Typical Nay-sayer and Drumph stooge Barf , Barf


Aug-07-16 5:48 PM

THIS from our Faithful Giddy GoPer ! ! .

ONE small problem : The bottomline FACTs are OTHERWISE ! ! . Soooooooooooooo inconvenient ! ! .


Sep-25-15 10:04 AM

Barf !


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